Doctor Isabelle DI CENTA


What is vascular surgery?


Vascular surgery is a surgical specialisation which covers patients with conditions affecting the arteries and veins, except for those conditions which affect the cerebral and coronary arteries.


It is structured around two main axes:


  • arterial surgery: which treats acute arterial occlusions (acute limbic ischaemia) and chronic arterial blockages (arteritis) as well as arterial aneurysms;
  • venal surgery: which treats the chronic vein failures behind varicose veins.




What pathologies does the department cover?


The Hôpital Foch vascular surgery unit treats all adult vascular pathologies:

  • Thoraco-abdominal aorta pathology: aortal or iliac aneurysms, aorto-iliac occlusions or stenoses.
  • Arterial conditions affecting the lower limbs (femoral or popliteal arteries) and the neck (carotid, sub-clavicle arteries, etc.).
  • Venal conditions (varicose veins) generally an outpatient procedure.
  • Haemodialysis access surgery.



The vascular surgery department is located on level -2 of the Suresnes Building (Yellow Sector).



Consultation hours

Consultations every afternoon from Monday to Wednesday. Surgery consultations for dressings are open Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.



To make an appointment

Appointments should be made by telephone: 01 46 25 25 25

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