The sleep testing unit is under the responsibility of Doctor Cyril CHAUFTON in collaboration with Doctor Marie-Amélie DALLOZ, it has 4 hospitalisation beds for technician supervised polysomnograph tests (the staff includes two sleep testing technicians: Emeline GAMET and Agnès VERBEKE). Daytime tests can also be completed: Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLT) and Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests (MWT).


If you are a doctor practising outside of Hôpital Foch and you complete Respiratory Polygraphs: you can send us a polysomnograph (to complement a RP for example), MWT or specialised advice request using the documents you will find here, send them to reception with your request.

I am a patient: what do I need to do with the medical prescription I have been given?


I have a consultation prescription : you can make an appointment with one of the doctors listed on this page.


I have a respiratory polygraph prescription (outpatient procedure which is completed at home) : here you can find all of the information you need about the testing procedure as well as how to make an appointment.


I have a polysomnography prescription (sleep activity recording completed at the hospital) from my GP or another doctor who is not a sleep disorder specialist → please send us the following documents:


  1. Our "sleep questionnaire" which you will have completed (please take 15 to 20 minutes of your time to do this)
  2. The doctor's prescription
  3. A copy (one sided) of your identity card us you have never consulted or been hospitalised at any department of the Hôpital Foch. If you have already been a patient at Hôpital Foch there will be no need to include a copy of your identity card.


Incomplete applications will not be processed.

You can send your application by a number of different methods (as indicated below). Once we have received it, it will be evaluated and validated by one of the unit's doctors within 3 weeks: there is no need to contact reception during this period (thank you for your patience). You will then be contacted to make an appointment. In some cases the doctor may decide that a consultation will be necessary before the test.


1) Preferably by email by sending us a (good quality) scanned copy of the required documents to this address:

Important: Electronic messaging or emails are not considered to be a safe means of communication for medical data. A simple typographic error (such as a mistake in the email address, etc.) may result in the disclosure of confidential medical information to unauthorised persons and seriously degrade the confidential nature of your medical files.


2) By post: Hôpital FOCH – Service des consultations ORL / Secrétariat de l’unité de sommeil – 40 rue Worth – 92150 SURESNES


3) In person: the documents can be left with the Hôpital Foch ENT department reception between 8:30am and 5:30pm (Level -1 / Blue Sector)


4) By fax: 01-46-25-75-73