Doctor François Mellot

medical imaging



What is medical imaging?


Medical imaging covers all of the techniques for exploring the human body that use physical phenomena such as X-ray absorption, magnetic resonance, ultra-sound reflections or the fixing of weakly radioactive substances.

Which examinations are provided by the department?

The medical imaging department was renovated in 2011 and offers a double competency: diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology. Its self-appointed mission is to ensure that each patient has access to examinations that are completed under optimal safety conditions. (Image quality, minimal irradiation, skilled paramedical and medical staff)

What are diagnostic imaging examinations?

All of them excluding mammography and specialised paediatrics examinations.

Hôpital Foch proposes a very long list of examinations: ultrasound with or without contrast medium, arterial or venous ultrasonography, dental Cone Beam, cardiac CT and MRI, virtual colonoscopy, cerebral, thoracic, abdominal and prostate MRI, etc.

What are interventional imaging examinations?


Embolization, infiltrations, guided biopsies, drainage, radio-frequency or cryoablation treatment, percutaneous vertebroplasty, etc.
The technical platform performs a large number of its procedures in collaboration with the anaesthesiology laboratory departments.
Joint infiltrations are performed in conventional treatment rooms.
Radio-frequency treatment and biopsies are performed using the CT scanner.
Abdominal and thyroid biopsies are performed using the ultrasound.
Interventional neuroradiology, chemo-embolization and endovascular treatments are performed in a surgical environment (asepsis, general anaesthetic). Three rooms are fitted out for this near to the operating theatres and anaesthesiology rooms.

Ultra high performance equipment available to all patients

  • The Hôpital Foch imaging department is equipped with:
  • 3 standard digitised radiology rooms with flat-beds and tomosynthesis capabilities
  • A panoramic and Cone Beam P dental x-ray
  • 3 ultra-sound units
  • A two-level neuroradiology room
  • A coronary angiography room
  • An interventional radiology room with angiography and CBCT for the reconstruction of 3D images
  • 2 top of the range MSCT scanners
  • 2 MRI (1.5 T and 3T)

How do I organise an appointment?


In most cases you can make an appointment directly by phone. Our staff will make every effort to make appointments as soon as possible, allowing for the availabilities of the both the doctors and the patient.


For the less common examinations such as MRI or CT, appointments can only be made once we have received the prescription by post or fax. The reason for this is simple: to allow us to guarantee the quality of our medical care offer.



To make an appointment for an MRI scan: 01 46 25 21 66

To make an appointment for a CT scan: 01 46 25 25 38