International patients

The Mont-Valérien Franco-American Foundation, known as the Maréchal Foch Foundation, which founded the Foch Hospital, still plays a central role in its  management.


With 2,000 staff members (including 300 doctors) and 600 beds, our hospital is one of the most effective and renowned non-profit hospitals with a public service mission in France.


The Foch Hospital indeed provides a wide range of treatments to adult patients in almost all of the medical and surgical domains and commits to education and research, while paying crucial attention to patient care, including through the investment in cutting edge medical technology.


The hospital stands out from the French medical offer by being the leader in the field of neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, gynaecology, urology, internal medicine and oncology through innovative treatments.


To broaden access to medical excellence and facilitate the treatment of international patients, the Foch Hospital has an International Department, with a dedicated team.

The Foch Hospital can indeed welcome patients needing care in any of the following services:

How to become patient at the Foch Hospital?

Should you be willing to be cared at the Foch Hospital, please read and apply the following process.


Your admission to the Foch hospital

Our international Department will organise your care pathway in coordination with the service you will be assigned to, based on the medical reason you came for.

The good roll-out of your stay will be ensured by an identified referring doctor, who will work closely with the other specialists you may see during your treatment.


Upon your arrival

Unless otherwise indicated, present yourself with your convocation at the central reception desk in the hospital hall. The receptionist will provide you with a circulation form and your appointment programme for the day and will direct you to the secretariat of the International Department to confirm the validation of your financial cover and thus your admission.


At the end of your stay

Before you leave the Foch Hospital, do not forget to pass by the secretariat of the International Department to retrieve your complete medical report, while organizing the return to your country of origin.


Visits of your relatives

Your relatives can visit you from 1 pm to 8 pm every day. Please make sure that they come as a small group.

Nurses can provide you with recommendations to be scrupulously followed based on your health conditions.

In addition, please note that for the sake of health and well-being of patients, cut flowers, or potted flowers, cannot be accepted in all services.


Accompanying person

For patients who occupy a particular room, a member of their family may be allowed to stay close to them and have a meal to be covered by the latter.

The nursing staff can help you arrange the arrival of this accompanying person.



In the event you need an interpreter, the International Department can provide you with contact details of professionals that you can liaise with for this purpose.



The Foch Hospital has about 600 beds. Private rooms are allocated based on availability.

Sometimes, depending on the rhythm of the departures, it is impossible to attribute, at the arrival, the particular room requested by the patient during the registration. Nevertheless, the teams of the hospital will make sure to solve this issue as soon as possible.



We offer menus adapted to your tastes. If your health conditions require it, our dieticians can design specific diets according to medical prescriptions.

Each morning, a caregiver offers several menus and takes your order for your meals of the day.



During your stay at the hospital, you can be accompanied by volunteers and ministers of the various religious denominations.
Should you want to see one of them, ask the healthcare team of the service you are staying in to request for a visit.


Logistics outside the hospital

The Foch Hospital is a member of the Paris Hospital Foundation (PHF), the fruit of the alliance with the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation and the Diaconesses Croix Saint-Simon Hospital Group, in order to welcome international patients seeking treatment in France under the best conditions.

Should you be looking for logistical support (hotel, transport) outside the hospital, we will put you in contact with a relevant partner.