Doctor Florence Bouilloud



Our medical specialisation is to study, diagnose and treat the following conditions:


  • diseases affecting the hormonal glands also known as the endocrine glands (Endocrinology): thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, ovaries, testicles, puberty and growth related conditions. These can involve hormonal imbalances (over or under production), nodules, tumours or gland development disorders. With the exception of thyroid conditions, these are generally rare conditions.


  • Diabetes (Diabetology): type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent), gestational diabetes (during pregnancy), secondary diabetes associated with certain medications or other conditions, rare forms of diabetes.


  • certain metabolic disorders such as conditions associated with lipids (tri-glycerides, cholesterol), calcium and uric acid (gout)



The department was created in 2009 as part of the Internal Medicine Department and is managed by three Endocrinology-Diabetes specialists; the Department includes 3 separate structures:



  • The week-day hospitalisation unit which can receive up to 12 fully hospitalised patients during week-days. This unit receives patients with severely imbalanced or complicated diabetes for a number of days at a time. During these periods intense insulin treatment programs are implemented in cases of infections with existing diabetic conditions, recent diabetic diagnosis or where the patient wishes to receive specific education related to their condition such as training in Functional Insulin-therapy methods or the use of external insulin pumps. It also receives patients for the treatment or diagnosis of endocrine conditions.



  • The short-stay hospitalisation unit which receives up to 5 patients per day. This unit receives patients for shorter educational programs (type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and functional insulin-therapy) or for evaluations, notably annual diabetes impact assessments, annual evaluations of patients receiving insulin pump treatment or for endocrine conditions.



  • Specialist medical consultations for Diabetes or Endocrine and Metabolic disorders by and paramedical consultations by diabetes nurses, usually after the initiation of insulin therapy or for dressings.



The department staff includes:



  • 3 Endocrinology-Diabetes specialists
  • 1 Healthcare executive
  • 5 State qualified therapeutic education nurses
  • 2 State qualified therapeutic education dieticians
  • 1 Care assistant
  • 1.5 secretaries
  • 2 Interns



The hospitalisation unit is located in the North wing of the 7th floor of the main building (Blue Sector).

6 single rooms and 2 double rooms




Medical consultations are held in the general consultations sector (L block).

Consultations are held Monday to Friday on mornings or afternoons. Nursing consultations are organised within the unit on the 7th floor of the A building.

Some consultations are specifically designed for first-time patients.

One of the department's senior doctors supervises all nursing consultations for patient follow-up and post-hospitalisation dosing, dressings, etc.



To make an appointment

A letter of referral from your GP or specialist will be required when you make an appointment. If necessary, a blood test will be prescribed in order to prioritise appointments in terms of the urgency of the case. These documents should be sent to the diabetology reception:


  • by post: Diabetology Unit Reception, Hôpital Foch, 40 rue Worth, 92150 Suresnes,
  • by email: diabetologie@hopital-foch.org,
  • fax 01 46 25 20 80,
  • telephone 01 46 25 22 71