Professor Alain Chapelier


What is cardiothoracic surgery?


Cardiothoracic surgery covers a number of more or less complex procedures requiring surgical and anaesthesiology expertise.

Almost all Hôpital Foch patients can receive an epidural painkiller.

Post-operative monitoring is very important, for which patients are transferred to one of the hospital's dedicated intensive care units.


What pathologies does the department cover?


Cancerological thoracic surgery


This largely concerns broncho-pulmonary cancers for which the department is a national reference centre. It also provides surgical procedures for a number of other types of tumour:

  • mediastinum tumours where exeresis is performed immediately or after chemotherapy,
  • pulmonary metastases which can be treated with exeresis procedures if the initial tumour is under control,
  • pleural cavity tumours
  • thoracic cavity wall and diaphragm tumours. Surgical procedures for these tumours can involve a sizeable rib or sternum resection with reconstructive surgery in collaboration with the onco-plastic surgeon in the more complex cases.



Tracheal surgery


Tracheal surgery is performed on patients showing signs of stenosis after a prolonged intubation, or tracheal or tracheo-bronchial bifurcation tumours.



Pulmonary transplants


All of the different possible transplant techniques are used at Hôpital Foch, thus ensuring the most suitable treatment for patients suffering from terminal respiratory failure with cystic fibrosis. Pulmonary transplants are completed in close collaboration with the pneumology, anaesthesiology and intensive care departments. Hôpital Foch is France's leading healthcare establishment in the field with 65 pulmonary transplants completed in 2013.



Interventional Bronchial Endoscopy:


This covers a number of different airway clearance techniques involving lasers and often involving the placement of silicon prosthetics to maintain the openings. This procedure can be used as a preparation before the treatment of tracheal tumours and stenoses. Hôpital Foch has France's largest interventional bronchial endoscopy services; it operates on a 24 hour basis.




The Hôpital Foch Cardiothoracic Surgery department includes:


  • a hospitalisation unit located on the second floor of the North wing of the main building (Blue Sector): 28 continuous care unit beds (USC),
  • a dedicated Respiratory Intensive Care Unit with 8 (RICU) beds located on level -1 of the new building (Orange Sector).



Consultation hours

Consultations Monday to Friday.



To make an appointment

Appointments should be made by calling the department's reception office:
01 46 25 28 26
01 46 25 22 44
01 46 25 26 95
01 46 25 20 22