Departures are organised

by the department

depending on the patient's condition.

The medical staff are there to help you to complete the necessary procedures and ensure that you leave under the best possible conditions.


You will be allowed to leave when the medical staff authorise this. However, if you leave without medical authorisation you must sign a waiver freeing the hospital from any responsibility for the risks to the health of the patient.


Before leaving the hospital, the patient or a member of their family may have to go to the admissions office in the following cases:


  • if a proof of hospitalisation is required by the social security service or the employer,
  • for the payment of fees,
  • completion of the patient file or administrative formalities after admission to the A&E service.


When a patient leaves the hospital, it is the doctor who decides whether they can leave or not. If their condition requires, the patient can be transported to or from the hospital by ambulance. The patient will be able to choose which medical transport company does this.

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The hospital accepts all means of payment except postal orders, overseas payment cards without 'chip and pin' and American Express.


Since 1 July, you can pay your invoice on-line by clicking on this link:


You can also pay your invoice by calling the hospital's accounts department on 01 46 25 75 55 between 9am and 12:30pm. Do not forget to have your invoice or reminder notice to hand.