Doctor Antoine Bizard



Geriatrics is a medical specialisation which treats aged and fragile patients often suffering from more than one condition at the same time.
With age the organism is susceptible to accumulating deficiencies, illnesses and disabilities. This accumulation can lead to a state of Fragility where the aged individual becomes extremely vulnerable to the slightest medical stress. Even a benign health problem can rapidly cause either complications in existing conditions or a loss of autonomy. Consequently it is not sufficient to treat aged patients in the same way as younger patients. On admission they receive a systematic evaluation of their overall health condition which allows us to establish a suitable healthcare plan.




An Acute Geriatrics Unit


This is a 14 bed hospitalisation unit which receives aged and fragile patients transferred either from the A&E ward or referred to us by their GP.

The department's objective is to treat medical problems which are often multiple and complex and have reached critical levels whilst seeking to preserve the patient's autonomy and quality of life as much as possible.

This is possible thanks to a multi-disciplinary team including geriatricians, nurses, care assistants, physiotherapists, ergotherapists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, social workers, etc.

On leaving the hospital, patients will be able to return to their homes or be referred to a partner Geriatric Convalescence unit.




A Mobile Geriatrics Unit


Daily presence of a geriatrics specialist dedicated to assisting the treatment of aged patients in all of the Hospital's other departments:

-Hospitalised patients in the A&E ward or specialised wards, participation in their medical treatment and orientation.

-Patients hospitalised for cancers or other serious conditions, completion of geriatric assessments and participate in the establishment of a suitable healthcare plan.




Geriatrics Consultations


Consultations for standardised assessments, in the event of changes to general health condition, multiple health problems, loss of autonomy, memory failure, etc.

These are organised as requested by GPs or the hospital's specialists. When the issue of failing memory is raised, patients can be assessed by a Neuropsychologist, this is a complete assessment of the patient's memory faculties and other cognitive functions.



Partner associations based in the Patient/Visitor Centre.

The hospitalisation unit has 14 beds.